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A group for fans focusing on the latest news of the Waiting Room Boys
This community is designed for fans of Alan Fletcher's (Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours) band Waiting Room. Here fans can get the latest info on what's going on with the band including UK tours and info on their individual projects.

Neighbours actor Alan Fletcher, in conjunction with Melbourne musicians Tommy Rando and Chris Hawker, formed Waiting Room in 2004.

The band began performing regularly at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne and within 12 months released their debut album "In the Waiting Room".

Alan's popularity as a star of Neighbours created great interest in the band that led to the first UK tour in May 2005.

Since that time the band's popularity has grown exponentially leading to three more UK tours playing to tens of thousands of fans.

The band's sound was expanded and complemented with the addition of drummer Jeff Consi in 2006.

The band's set list combines covers of iconic rock tunes mixed with their own brand of quirky fun rock songs and ballads.

Waiting Room continue to perform weekly in Melbourne at the famous Neighbours Trivia Extravaganza* and will tour the UK again in Nov/Dec 2007.

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